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Couples photography is often sought out by those looking to seal a moment in time in the loving relationship. Danielle Snow has captured many of these moments using often enchanting, dramatic, and exuberant scenes which reflect the couples personality.  Being a couples photographer, Danielle focuses on the couple's mannerisms and uniqueness in order to find the perfect location for the couples' photography session.  Often taken in Rochester (but sometimes further out), you can find depth, emotion, and passion within her pictures.  Ranging from tall tree forests to cattail fields and barns, her ability to portray your emotion within her images is incomparable.  You'll be fully satisfied whether you're a first time or renew your pictures on an annual basis.  Couples sessions are not just for boyfriends and girlfriends, they are often utilized by husband and wife, newly weds, and newly engaged couples as well.  When a couple first starts out with photo sessions with Danielle, they will often end up being lifetime clients.  Their couples sessions turn into maternity sessions, and then full family sessions.  Being an all around photographer, Danielle is able to capture these life long memories for many.  

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