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When planning for a wedding, money and cost can be at the ver forefront of your mind.  Paying for a wedding can be very expensive and difficult if not planned accordingly.  It is typical to ask what the average wedding photography cost is or how much you might pay for wedding photography.  While cost is certainly an important factor, you must also consider quality.  These are images you will likely have for the rest of your life and show your great grand children one day.  It is important that the quality of your wedding images does not suffer and so I must advise that you research your photographer.  Rather than going with the cheapest or most expensive photographer, you're best off going with the photographer that offers you the best VALUE.  Each photographer will likely offer different packages to suit each budget but their style and quality of pictures rarely changes.  Finding the quality photographer that matches your dream and vision, then choosing the package is the correct course of actin.  Danielle Snow Photography offers one simple price for her weddings but an entire engagement session with digital files are included.  In her wedding package, you will receive not only a complimentary or free engagement session but you will also receive prints and mounts.  While photo albums are not currently available for purchase, there are plans to add them in the future.  

To recap, Danielle Snow of Rochester, NY offers a fantastic value for your wedding photography and the elimination of packages reduces planning headaches and gives you a very straight forward expectation.  

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