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Family portraits or family photography are often sought after by many in the Rochester area.  Perfecting her craft, Danielle Snow has mastered the art of family photography through years of experience creating delightful smiles and memories of many in the community.  Using natural light as her largest prop and aid in her sessions, Danielle's photographs provide a dramatic and epic undertone without the over edited  feel.  Since Danielle does not own a studio, much of her family and children pictures take place outdoors.  Here, there is much more natural light, providing the realistic, artisitic touch that is unachievable using artificial light.  Her professional photography skills have taken her from Rochester to Buffalo, and even down to Stony Brook National park.   If you are looking for a pictures of your family that you'll be able to cherish for lifetimes to come, look no further than Danielle Snow Photography. 

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